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The fact that you are here makes you a person of action, ready for a change, ready to live life to its fullest, ready to have not only financial freedom, but time freedom as well.


Just like you, many members of the Cashimee Group were once searching for the perfect vehicle to achieve those freedoms, and we've found it!


Our mission is to genuinely help YOU achieve those freedoms by not only showing you how they've done it, but helping you do the same!


The system and vehicle that we have found is an accumulation, of years of intensive trial and error. Today, this highly refined, yet simple system is taught at many local training events and is constantly creating champions.

The Next Success Story Could Be Yours


We have enabled countless people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to experience financial and personal freedom, allowing them to live the life they've always imagined.


Our Independent Business Partners come from all walks of life and have found success offering the people they know more options on the services they already need and use every day.  What they all share in common is the drive and dedication to create the life they know they deserve. For each of our Teams countless success stories, the goal was personal and financial freedom, and the first step was deciding to try something new.


Anyone with the drive and dedication can be successful with this program, and the first step is deciding to give something new a try.

Choose A New Path with The Cashimee Group
Project 01 // Essential Services
Project 02 // GPS Technology
Interested in GPS Opportunity? 
(202) 909 6529
One of our Team Leaders will get in touch you. 

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