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About Us

The Cashimee Group is a dynamic group of young entrepreneurs whose mission is to build champion entrepreneur networks while creating Massive Personal Success.


We have helped countless individuals build successful businesses of their own, assisting them on their journey to a life of abundance. Together we are positioning every day people to achieve greatness in their lives.


Successful Cashimee Team Members come from all walks of life. What we all share in common is the drive and dedication to create the life we know and deserve.

The Cashimee Group also offers powerful business ownership opportunities for the average entrepreneurs. Through our unique mentoring program, we teach residual wealth strategies, time freedom and personal growth.



We provide the vehicle for countless individuals to change their lives.

We bring over 20 years of experience teaching, coaching, mentoring, and leading.


We have ability to build teams and energize their mindset, then replicating the process and technology.


Team Cashimee continues to lead more individuals through the pathways of financial freedom; positioning individuals to achieve personal financial success, and most importantly rise above their self imposed limitations.

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